The Gyrotonic method is a wonderful form of exercise to help open the body in a gentle and effective manner. With its circular movement it assists in opening up the joints and strengthening the muscles.

Created by Juliu Horvath, the Gyrotonic methodologies low impact fitness system utilizes a specially designed series of equipment that is built around the human body. Gyrotonic exercises were designed with total regard to freedom of movement. The Gyrotonic equipment guides your movements with resistance along circular pathways that nurture the natural curves of the body. This creates a bridge between contraction and expansion through the rotating movement of the joints, resulting in a balanced support system for the skeleton. The continuous Gyrotonic rhythmic movement elongates the spine and rejuvenates the spirit bringing the entire body and mind into balance.

It is an excellent form of exercise for all ages of people and is specifically useful for opening up tight shoulders and hips. As the body ages it is important to encourage regular movement so unhealthy postural habits do not develop.

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